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Che R.

Dr. Manu Gill is the real deal! He truly cares about his clients and has supported me like no other doctor ever has. He took the time to listen to me, understand what I have been through, and used his own experiences to relate to me like no other health care provider ever has. From teaching me mindfulness exercises to breathing, it is because of him I was able to feel better after my divorce and manage my stress so much more better. Thank you Dr. Gill for everything!

Cathi C.

I am thankful to Dr. Gill, as my Health Coach, because he listens to what is going on with me & gives helpful advice on what I can do to help me achieve my goals. He has been supportive to me in my journey to release weight, adopt better breathing practices, and help me manage my stress. In addition to these benefits, I had also dropped my blood pressure from 138/88 to 122/82!! Working with Dr. Gill has been a game changer and I would encourage anyone dealing with health issues to get support and guidance from him.

Temi M.

For me, it has been very challenging to find a nutrition and a diet plan that works for me. Dr. Manu Gill worked alongside me without judgment to craft an individual plan for me that has supported my diet, nutrition, and exercise. I have lost 8 lbs in 2 and a half weeks and it was all because of him giving me the education and steps I need to achieve my weight loss goals. I loved working with Dr. Gill and I am sure many people will love his attitude and personality.

Lori H.

Wow, what can I say about Dr. Manu Gill! He is a health coach who has helped me manage my high blood pressure and with his support, even my family doctor is surprised at how I have been able to decrease my blood pressure from 138/86 to 122/80 in just 4 short weeks! I am grateful to Dr. Gill and all of his amazing support, I can not thank him enough.

Rose E.

Dr. Manu Gill is very empathetic and has supported me in a way no other Doctor ever has. He actively listened to everything I said to him and he always provided actionable steps for me to do so that I can feel better about myself and build the confidence I need to live my best life. I had severe anxiety for most of my adult life, and he was able to relate to me on a very deep level and share stories from his life which I was able to learn from so that I can manage my stress better and be more confident. I appreciate his work with me, thank you.

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